[eDebate] The Slander Has to Stop!

Jay Hawk ostertaglives
Fri Oct 10 12:19:00 CDT 2008

After years f delivering his message of love to fans around the word with his gap-toothed grin, Greg Ostertag jeopardized his life and career in order to give a kidney to his ailing his sister.  Perhaps, Stannard, you could ask him if he could donate a portion of his overly large and warm heart to you.

He played the game with the joy of a young child and was willing to congratulate opposing players even in the heat of battle (shaking Big Dog's hand after a dunk in the elite 8). He was kind to everyone he met. Debaters could learn from his example.  

If Jesus and and Gandhi had a baby, and that baby was subjected to gamma-ray radiation resulting in gigantism, you would have an Ostertag.

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