[eDebate] Novice Learning / Teaching

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Sat Oct 11 16:14:58 CDT 2008

it's in the works right now....lots and lots of novices soaking up some debate juice!
here are the scheduled sessions for those playing at home  (winner--p. mabrey for guessing 2 of 9--both SD's):

UR Teach-In  2008


Donald Bryson:    Everything You Need to Know About Counterplans

Adrienne Brovero: The Art of Cross Examination

Stephen Davis: Debate as Air and Why We Must Breathe

Heather Hall: Yes!  Flowing is the Key

Vik Keenan: Debating About Things That Are Uncomfortable to Talk About In the First Place

Joe Keeton: Be a Search Engine:  Improving On-Line Research Skills

Adam Lee: You're Novice?  What are Your Kritiks and Answers?

Jim Lyle: Risk Assessment and Debating Economics

Tim O'Donnell: Why Debate Really Does Matter


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