[eDebate] Teams Clearing at KCKCC

Darren Elliott delliott
Sat Oct 11 23:32:59 CDT 2008

All divisions will hold their first elim at 8:30am.  Pairings out at 7:30am.  All judges are judging or on standby.

Teams Clearing:

Open Octos--
4-2  Emporia Wash and Williams-Green 
3-3  K State Denney and Reynolds
3-3  K State Grice and Hanson
6-0  K State Mendenhall and Ziegler
4-2  Missouri State Frederick and Steiner
5-1  Missouri State Husney and Stout
4-2  Oklahoma Dabari and Cox
4-2  Oklahoma Koslow and Tomik
5-1  UMKC Jantz and Stevens
4-2  UT San Antonio Montee and Thomas
3-3  Vanderbilt Norris and Brown

JV Semis--
4-2  Concordia Baseman and Towsley
4-2  K State Funcheon and Walbridge
6-0  Kansas City Kansas CC Fugate and Slinkerd
4-2  Missouri State Frenzel and Rothgeb

Novice Quarters--
4-2  JCCC Vazquez and Gantumur
5-1  Missouri State Smith and Wright
4-2  Oklahoma Luong and Perkins
5-1  Univ Northern Iowa Greenway and Chase
5-1  Vanderbilt Elder and Williams
5-1  Vanderbilt Hooks and O'Connor
4-2  Vanderbilt Mason and Watts


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate
Kansas City Kansas Community College

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