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Mon Oct 20 14:08:46 CDT 2008

Most Preferred Critic (via prefs)--Louie Petit--North Texas

1. Coleman-Wichita
2. A.Casey-UCO
3. E. Robinson-Witchita
4. A. Jack-Kansas
5. B. Mendenhall-K-State
6. Avery Henry-UCO
7. E. Defilippis-OU
8. J. Garcia-UMKC
9. C. Spurlock-UCO
10.Stacy Spomer-UCO


Concordia MT (aff) over Baylor MN   Zarazan, Morris*, Cram-Helwich

WSU CR (aff) over Concordia MT    Vega, B. Warner, S. Maurer
UCO CS (Neg) over OU BY            Dipiazza, Harlow, Winfrey
UCO HS (Neg) over K-State GH     E. Short, J. Russell*, P. Samuels
WSU BR (Aff) over OU DT             Herndon, 8Pennington, H. Tripe-Roberts
K-State MZ (Neg) over UNT MS     Cram-Helwich, T.Easley
KU JW (Neg) over OU KT              R. Smith, Tiara Naputi, L. Petit
Baylor CM (Neg) over Mo State GK Zarazan, T. Jordan, J. Davis
Kansas KS (Neg) over Concordia LR  J. Roberts, S. Snider Green, Malgor

KU KS vs. WSU CR                     J. Davis, H. Tripe-Roberts, Zarazan
Baylor CM vs. UCO CS                 Cram Helwich, Harlow, H. Walters
KU JW vs.UCO HS                       R. Smith, J. Russell, Z. Brown
K-State MZ (neg) vs. WSU BR       Winfrey, B. Warner, P. Samuels

W. James Taylor ("JT")

Asst. Debate Coach
Emporia State University
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