[eDebate] where is obama's birth certificate?

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Mon Oct 20 20:50:56 CDT 2008

i have not turned republican but i'm curious why the court cases against obama and the DNC regarding the "existence" of his birth certificate are not a part of public discussion in the run-up to the election.   it's seems to me the most fundamental argument regarding character out there.   as it sits right now with the case, obama appears to have forged a birth certificate to squeak through the primaries.   his unwillingness to produce a real birth certificate in a legal case does not jive with his demands for other candidates to produce tax returns, health records, etc.   if obama doesn't have a birth certificate, then he is a fraud who has faked natural born citizenship for personal gains and that is not the decent man mccain described to angry crowds in recent weeks.      does obama have a birth certificate?   was he born in kenya?   why are there so many discrepancies amongst his siblings as to which country he was born in and which hospital?     why are biographers being kicked out of kenya for investigating his family?    what stake does kenya have in the US election?

this is a plea for mccain/palin, rush limbaugh and fox news to make obama's citizenship the forefront issue of the campaign.    i encourage debaters concerned about the serious possibility of senator obama being a fraud to amplify this message to rush at eibnet.com, 70277.2502 at compuserve.com, info at johnmccain.com.  contact fox news and ask why they are not running the story :1-888-369-4762.    the best argument against obama is not being deployed.   why?

perhaps, it's best for obama to win and then get impeached.

if you are unfamiliar with berg vs. obama and the DNC, please watch this utube video where mr. berg outlines his case.


the complete story resides @:


here is the amended complaint:

Monday, 06 October 2008 18:44 administrator
Phil J. Berg filed an amended complaint today in Berg v. Obama. The amended complaint adds the Pennsylvania Department of State, the Secretary of the Commonwealth Pedro A. Cortes (in his official capacity), the U. S. Sentate Committee on Rules and Administration, and Senator Diane Feinstein (in her official capacity as chairman) for their failure to exercise due diligence with respect to Barack Obama's contitutional qualifications to be elected and serve as President of The United States, and for his inclusion on the ballot in Pennsylvania as a candidate for President of the United States.

The amended complaint also bolsters the standing argument and adds additional relevent facts.

Essentially, the argument is this:

Senator Obama could put this whole issue to rest by providing an official "vault copy" birth certificate.

Senator Obama  has chosen not to do so.

The defendants (other than Obama) have a responsibility to protect the integrity of the electoral system by properly vetting the qualifications of candidates, which they have failed to perform.

Mr. Berg, other Americans, and our system of government are damaged by this failure.

Senator Obama, who has collected $425,000,000 in campaign contributions, has perpetrated a fraud. end quote

senator obama is a fraud who has forged a hawaiian birth certificate which has subsequently been withdrawn from his website.    neither the forgery nor any original birth certificate were submitted to the judge in the first appearance.   instead mr. obama filed for a motion to dismiss.   berg emphasizes the weakness of this "strategy" given the logical appeal to the 3rd circuit or the supreme court.   

i am most amazed with the obama supporters who are satisfied that their candidate has not provided a birth certificate in the legal case in order to completely dispel the controversy and that their candidate has removed the forgery from his website.   "belief" has come into conflict with the constitution and any pretense of public accountability called straight talk.    the obama fans are willing to bypass the constitution to get their change.

the mass media boycott of the berg case against obama is disgusting.  obama fans support the windfall obama is getting from the media blackout.   there are now 3 suits against obama regarding his citizenship.   


Pennsylvania attorney Philip Berg is not alone. There are now currently three lawsuits questioning the eligibility of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama to serve as president of the United States ? the first, of course, is Berg?s, while the other two include an action filed in Washington State Superior Court last week and one filed Friday in a Hawaiian state court.

Unlike Berg?s case, which names Obama, the Democratic National Committee and Federal Election Commission as defendants (Berg has a pending motion for leave to amend his original complaint which would add California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and the Senate Rules Committee as well), the other lawsuits are geared toward ballot inclusion and document production.

The suit in Washington State, filed against Secretary of State Sam Reed by Fall City, WA resident Steven Marquis, seeks the removal of Barack Obama from the ballot until the candidate provided an answer to what Marquis says are ?unanswered questions surrounding Obama?s citizenship and background,? the answers for which effectively avoid ?a ?constitutional crisis and likely civil unrest? which would arise should information come to light after the election which shows that the Illinois senator is ineligible to hold the presidency.?

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