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jason hitchcock jahitch1
Tue Oct 21 09:19:34 CDT 2008

Hey community, long time no speak.  Its me Jason Hitchcock I use to debate
at Vermont.  I am no longer directly involved in debate, but i am trying to
spread the power of debate into different academic disciplines.
I am now a graduate student in Architecture at the University of Tennessee.
I would like to start a debate club that promotes a synthesis of verbal and
visual communication.  The students here can make beautiful arguments with
their drawings but fail to verbally communicate them.  Creating a debate
club would not only help them learn to verbally communicate, but also
critically engage in theoretical and practical issues concerning

What i am looking for is powerpoint presentations or other presentation
tools that would help me 'sell' this debate club to the students.  Also if
people have possible topics that you think would apply to Architecture
(which is everything), i would greatly appreciate non-architecture people's

Thanks much,
Jason Hitchcock

P.S. I miss seeing all your ugly faces at debate tournaments and the crazy
antics we got into.
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