[eDebate] lacy and obama group think tactics

Old Strega oldstrega
Tue Oct 21 21:48:14 CDT 2008

when you can't keep up with the line by line, resort to sarcasm and group think tactics.    you sound like irving kristol.   

lacy tried to present the "be all and end all" of the obama birth certificate controversy.   the fact check report.    lacy was trying to keep up with the debate and answer line by line and then he ran into the second line critique of that report and he grew suddenly silent and start characterizing his opponent as "crazy".    this is a predictable strategy of the coming obama administration.  there will be those who believe in obama, the right-minded, and those who question obama, the wing nuts.  already anti-obama websites like the larry sinclair site are being shut down periodically by pro-obama hack squads.    believe is a scary campaign slogan word.   

belief supercedes argument for people like lacy as is obvious from his backtracking insults.    

the question is why couldn't lacy or any edebater so far keep up with the line by line on the obama birth certificate controversy as it is impacted by berg vs. obama?

we know that the obama website has a copy of an alleged "authentic" birth certificate on its website but why doesn't the obama website have a defense of his motion to dismiss in berg vs. obama in lieu of submitting that birth certificate?   why is the obama website dodging the berg case?

why isn't the mainstream media asking FREE PASS OBAMA about the berg vs. obama and the reasoning behind the motion to dismiss?

when a candidate is given a FREE PASS on a birth certificate forgery that his followers believe to be true that is bad news and opens the door to a liberal version of the orwellian nightmare just as frightening as the coup attempted by the bush administration.   
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