[eDebate] Joe C. Jackson update

Eric Wendell Marlow emarlow
Wed Oct 22 14:51:30 CDT 2008

We are starting to get closer to this year's Jackson and we are 
delighted to have so many teams entered.  A couple of concerns are 
starting to surface.

1) Hotel reservations--from what I understand, the block is just about 
sold out.  The invite contains the information for the Holiday Inn 
Express and the Hampton Inn located on I-35.  We do not have any rate 
agreement with them, but if you mention UCO, it might get you a 

2) Judging--several coaches have contacted me about hiring judges and 
uncovered teams.  We have a VERY short supply of judging in this area.  
If at all possible, I ask that you try to acquire your own judging and 
only rely on paying for uncovered teams as a last resort.  The 
uncovered team fee is extremely high because I have to pay people to 
judge as well as feeding and housing them, so there is no way I can 
reduce those fees if you can't provide judges.  Do your best to find 
your own, and then we can discuss other options.  I would hate to be 
forced to turn teams away, but I will if we simply can not provide 
enough judging for the tournament.

We are looking forward to hosting all of you in Edmond next month.  
Speaker awards should be sweet this year.


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