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M G malgorthewarrior
Wed Oct 22 19:02:02 CDT 2008

oh my god, i agree with Mr Josh.  

Per round cost is extremely high with a 6 round tournament.  And this is a long distance for people from the midwest and western regions to travel.  We don't have a team that is likely to clear to the doubles in open.  We do, however, have to go to wake to prepare a potential 2nd round application.  It's a lot of time and effort to get no more debates than we would at a district tournament.

tournaments are inhumane:

This hasn't always been the case. The problem is teams get too much prep time between outrounds.  I heard GSU ended past 3 AM.  I remember on FF topic and SC topic it was over by 130.  I have been told by a couple of teams that they had so much time to prepare they literally ran out of things to do to prep their strategy with 20 minutes to spare.  How much time on average is a team getting on outround day to prepare for a debate?  It doesn't seem necessary if most tournaments are going to release the bracket the night before.  That seems to merit less preptime on outround day.

Only 32 teams are in the outrounds.  There are 131 teams entered right now.  That means that near 100 hundred teams are getting 2 less debates so that 2 teams don't get done with the tournament late.  Teams eliminated throughout the day don't experience such inhumane treatment, just those in at the end (and their 3 judges).  If it is such a high priority for those 2 teams to be done earlier in the day, then agree to more strict prep limits.

The same teams are in the top 32 after 6 rounds as after 8:

I think many would disagree that our primary concern when determining the structure of the tournament is that 'all the right teams clear,' as if those last 2 debates don't mean anything because they don't effect the top 32 teams.  As Mr Josh pointed out, for many teams those prelims are important.  

another idea:

6 prelims with more outrounds.

I dunno if all winning teams would warrant a partial or full triple, or even a partial quad.  They don't teach us your fancy math in the swamps.  Whatever the result is, do what it takes to have 2 outrounds day 2 of the tournament.

4 prelims day 1, 2 prelims, a partial, then a full double day 2.  Do it under the understanding the limits will be very strict on day 2 to fit in the banquet, or move/cancel banquet all together (sometimes banquets are the most inhumane part of the tournaments).  

just doin some thankin

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