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Wed Oct 22 19:59:06 CDT 2008

Dr. Chester Gibson set the bar high. shrimp. honey baked ham. politically
motivated judge placement in break rounds. (ah, the 80's...)

Well, we're cranking it to ELEVEN.

UWG Debate is proud to announce that the West Georgia Tournament will be
January 17-19, 2009. This year's tournament promises to be especially
exciting, due to our new collaboration with old friends.

Last year, i was approached by WG debate alum Cary Ichter (class of '81)
about the idea of his law firm sponsoring the UWG debate tournament. Cary
and fellow Adorno & Yoss attorney Adriana Midence (Michigan debater, class
of '02) have been working with me to develop a tournament experience like no
(if you want to learn more about Adorno & Yoss, check out their website [
http://www.adorno.com/index.asp]. ** Adorno & Yoss is not only the largest
certified minority-owned firm in the United States and the only law firm
member of the *National Minority Supplier Diversity Council's Corporate Plus
* Program, but also the most diverse law firm in the country.)

Adorno & Yoss's sponsorship of the UWG Debate tournament will allow us to
maximize all the great things we've offered in the past, as well as provide
new perks that will make our tournament THE place to be MLK weekend.

Things that are staying the same:

1)      WIFs ? the Worst in Forensic Awards will be back for their 2nd year.
So bring your brainfart rebuttals and poor decisions!

2)      7 round prelims. Last year we did it for precautionary reasons due
to weather, this year we're doing it again just because we liked it! Still
clearing to octafinalss, still not breaking brackets.

3)      More food than you can shake a stick-figured bulimic at. Hot
breakfast, catered lunches, and so many snacks you'll swear we discovered a
meal between brunch and lunch!

4)      80 teams in Open. As much as we'd like to have a bigger tournament,
we just don't have the classroom space to house more than this. We are
creating space for small JV and Novice divisions.

Things that are changing ?

1)      Entry Fees ? due to the generous support of Adorno & Yoss, we are
slashing our entry fees. $50 per team. Yep, you read that correctly. FIFTY
DOLLARS per team. We're gonna party like it's 1999, and charge you like it's

2)      An Awards Banquet Sunday night. Yes, even more food. we may even
bribe Ross to get up and make fun of people. or he may just stay in the back
and make fun of me (stories about "practice pairings" are always good for a
laugh). either way, good times.

3)      CASH awards. The top speaker will receive $1000. yes, that's THREE
ZEROES. The winning team will receive $1000. Concerned about those student
loans because you chose a "good school" over West Ga? Well, here's your
chance to start paying off that debt.

4)      A chance for those interested in legal careers to learn more about
great opportunities. During the lunches on Saturday and Sunday, there will
be panel discussions where attorneys with decades of experience will answer
such questions as "What can I do with a law degree?" "How do I choose a law
school and how can I maximize my chances of getting into the law school of
my choice?" The idea is to provide extremely useful information for the 60%
of the tournament population that wants to get into law. if you don't have
an interest in law, you won't be bothered. These panels will happen during
our regularly scheduled lunches and are open to anyone who's interested, so
anyone who'd rather just eat their Cathy Ho's and chillax can do that too.

5)      EVEN BETTER food. My sister Lisa will be making special desserts and
other goodies throughout the weekend. You can ask the UWG debaters about her
cooking skills. And even now, I'm hunting for the nearest honey-baked ham
location. (Yes, Berger, you should fly out to be a guest judge).

We'll be putting the invitation up soon, so keep an eye out so you don't get
left out.

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