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M G malgorthewarrior
Wed Oct 22 23:33:37 CDT 2008

I disagree with this notion that we need all the extra pre round prep and post round discussion for outrounds.

a) these are the best teams-they should be most prepared to debate on their own, especially as the day goes on because theoretically the teams are getting better.  I can understand giving the round of 32 a little more time, but when you have been debating and scouting throughout the day and you're one of the 4 remaining teams, maybe you should be prepared to do a little more without a bunch of extra pre round prep.  A radical idea I know, and it might be scary to not have everything up to the 1ar planned out already, but hey it can be exciting too.

b) Getting done earlier on Sunday does not = more rest.  You can get done at 7PM sunday night or 1030PM sunday night, directors/coaches of teams that have cleared are staying up the same amount.  If they go to the bar they go to the bar as soon as they get back.  If they prefer to cut evidence they'll do it all night.  I have seen few directors that say "i'm just gonna work an hour and be done with it."  Bottom line is the people you are trying to save rest for with a more humane schedule (directors of the teams late into monday) are staying up until the wee hours.  Do you really think everyone goes to bed earlier if we get out earlier on sunday night?  Would JP go to bed at 9PM on sunday with your teams debating the next day, just because he got let out of the tournament early.

c) maybe i've gone crazy, but Mr. Josh is right about people watching more debates.  Debaters who are going to watch debates will do it regardless.  Let's say I have not cleared at wake forest but i get back to the hotel sunday night at 11pm, the round starts at 8.  If i wake up at 700 that's 8 hours.  So theoretically debaters should be very well rested when watching outrounds on monday.  They should have damn near a full night's rest to soak up all that outround education on monday.  The reason they are tired is bc most would rather socialize (not at the banquet, at the hotel) and so they stay up until 2 am.  So i don't see how it helps people who want to watch rounds.  And Mr Josh is also correct that plane tickets dictate how much we watch regardless.

d) here is another justification for shorter pre round prep-you release the bracket the night before.  People know their whole potential path well into the day.  That means they shouldn't need 45 minutes to prep for a debate.  Especially if they are again, the 'best' teams at the tournament.  

e) safety...very important, not very relevant.  I don't know of any squads who do the drive home on monday of wake after a grueling day of outrounds.  What is the percentage of teams in the quarters or later at a national tournament (specifically wake) that drive home when they're done?  I'm sure there are local squads but this is more a matter of someone not getting enough rest the night before which is inevitable for outround coaches bc they stay up half the night regardless.

I think all this can be solved with the current structure of 4/4/5 elims.  The problem isn't the number of rounds it's the leisurely, slow nature of the tournament on elim days.  4 hours for a doubles debate from flip to full announcement is ridiculous.  You have already solved half the problem with strict decision time limits, clamp down on some prep time as well as some rules to get judges to the rounds quicker, and I think you can have a tournament with 5 debates, the first starting at 8AM, that is done by 1230.

Mr Smith is awesome, time limits for decisions are awesome, 6 rounds not awesome.  


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