[eDebate] Decision Times

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Thu Oct 23 12:21:49 CDT 2008

I for one do think we should "compromise" decision times. The length of
decision times in most debates is far beyond what it needs to be and is
typically so for a couple of outliers. The decision-making time is typically
not for the post-round discussion, which is totally useful (and, would be to
observers if they stuck around for it), but for the evaluation of evidence.
This evaluation is typically unassociated with the content of the debate,
but is rather a reconstruction of the debate round entirely. Fact checking
evidence to verify competing claims is one things; re-reading evidence that
is uncontested to determine if you like it well enough to vote on it is
another. We're getting awfully close to decisions that take as long as the
rounds, and that is ridiculous. Enforce decision-making time.
As an aside, I dont think that this is an "alternate package" CP to 6 rds. I
like 6 rds. I think local tournaments should go to 8 and major nationals
should go to 6.

I also like Ozzy's losers' bracket, but disagree that it should be renamed.
We should have one and it should be called that.

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