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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Oct 23 12:54:32 CDT 2008


Our non profit organization has recently signed up for a free color laser
printer from xerox, its a really fast phaser printer and it comes with a
three year service agreement, you simply have to print 2000 pages a month
and report to them on it. I imagine many of you could do that with ease. Buy
your supplies from them and print 2000 pages a month and there is no catch.

There is however a referral program. For each of you who signs up for this
program our non profit gets $200 in supply credit. So basically you get
nearly $1300 worth of high speed color laser printer fo FREE *AND* help
support youth entrepreneurial efforts to create a healthier Baltimore. If
you are in the market for a free laser printer it seems like a win win to
me. Below is the information about the program, for us to get the referral
please enter 769380 into the referral id field in the application.

 The organization I work for, Youth Organizing Urban Revitalization
Systems(YOURS) is committed to building a network of community owned
business and services that empower Baltimore youth to be the catalyst for
economic and political empowerment. We currently run in school, after
school, entrepreneurial, and debate programs that work together to teach
youth how to turn their ideas into plans into programs that promote youth
centered social change.

We do good work, help us out by getting a free printer.

Andy Ellis
Managing Director
Youth Organizing Urban Revitalization Systems

822 W.36th Street
Baltimore MD 21211

*Andy Ellis* is a valued member of Xerox FreeColorPrinters and thought your
organization would benefit from the program, too.

The Xerox FreeColorPrinters program provides FREE, high-performance color
printersto businesses, non-profits, religious organizations, and schools
with a need for color printing. The application takes just a few minutes and
our program is risk-free!

Member Benefits: ($1,258 value)

   - *Xerox Phaser? 8560 color printer* (free shipping included)
   - *Three-year service agreement*
   - *Membership in our exclusive online community*?offering tools,
   templates, members-only promotions, and more!
   - Access to *toll-free telephone and e-mail support*
   - Offered direct from Xerox, since 1999!

Learn more about the FreeColorPrinter
how to enhance your organization's image. Visit our
application form<https://www.freecolorprinters.com/application/apply.cfm?appd=769380>to
apply now for the program. Please be sure to include Andy Ellis's
Referral ID *(769380)* in the appropriate application field.

Thank you
The FreeColorPrinters Team
Xerox Corporation

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