[eDebate] Tournament Scheduling Wouldn't appear to be the real problem here

john foy glueboy1
Thu Oct 23 14:09:39 CDT 2008

I?d prefer 8 rounds over 6 as well.  Of more concern to me is the issue that?s not being discussed and may be without remedy, the unreasonable demands of debate itself.
Look, if kids and coaches are working and debating 15-20 hours a day at tournaments and coming home sleep-deprived zombies; if kids are working so hard on debate during the week and on non-travel weekends that they get sick or fall behind in classes; if coaches and debaters are now basically working all year long during almost all their free time on debate, then probably the problem isn?t the number of prelims we have at Wake in 2008.
I don?t really have any suggestions for dealing with this problem, but it does point to troubling priorities.  Debaters and coaches lives are innately valuable and good and this should be reflected in their priorities.  Their health is more important than debate.  Their academic future is more important than debate.  OUR lives are more important than and bigger than debate.  If we as a community have a telos that values competition so highly that we can?t see the value of ourselves and others but instead prioritize building up our arsenals of information that?s a problem for us.
It seems like all of us like to think that debate is this tool that humans use to achieve certain goals, but these descriptions (and my own experience) indicate that humans are really working for debate as an institution and sometimes to our own detriment.  That?s crazy.  
John Foy
Assistant Coach
Weber State University
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