Jeffrey Jarman jeffrey.jarman
Fri Oct 24 09:25:05 CDT 2008

All coaches, debaters and interested alums should register at the  
site.  Once you are registered, you'll be able to:

*  access/post/reply on all of the ceda-related sites like,  
topic.cedebate.org (for topic deliberations) groups.cedadebate.org (so  
you can create your own group for discussion), and many other  
subdomain sites on the way.
*  post forum topics and reply to most other posts on the main site.
*  post tournament info, updates, and any other info at the site (see  
Emporia under the forum--we posted the pairings when eDebate was down).
*  the site is the location of all of the CEDA-related business.
*  pay CEDA dues and online entry fees for CEDA Nationals (plus, we  
hope to enable online fee payment for ANY TOURNAMENT THAT WOULD LIKE  

In addition, the site uses

*  RSS, so you can quickly get updates on a forum topic or any other  
site-wide info  (you've got to start using this if you don't)
*  Social bookmarking
*  Newsletter, for quick dissemination of information
*  Open source code, so we can expand it any time we want.

Once you register, please read the first post on the main page "USING  
THIS SITE."  The best advice for anyone that posts:  "Open rich  
editor" in the body of the message to create the correct formatting.

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