[eDebate] If Al-Queda wants McCain to win the election old strega is making their argument

Gregory House newstrega
Fri Oct 24 18:10:49 CDT 2008

It really matters not a whit the TRUTH of any of this, its a about memes at

No one cares if jack stroube is saying that obama is a muslim, nor do they
really care if he can marshall an array of websites

No one would let palin or mcain or campaign operatives say it

Nor does any one really care what some african news source says

in a world where debaters are so decried the irony (or perhaps the game) is
built on the "its printed you have to answer it" mentality that disconnects
debate in the first place. No one who doesn't believe that barak is a muslim
non citizen is going to be convinced by websites they havent heard of
reporting about investigation in countries they only know on a globe or a
geoography test.

But who could make storoube's argument with his evidence and have an effect?

Well what if Usama Bin Laden puts out a video that says something like the

America. Four years ago i spoke to you about your evil ways and suggested
that your future and your lives lie in the hands of your conversion to
islam. The last four years have proven to be much the way we have predicted
them. We said you will not succeed in destroying the muhajiadeen in
afghanistan and you have not. We have said that your troops will continue to
die in iraq. They have. We told you that the war against the zionest state
would intensify...it has..We told you your greed would destroy you and your
recent market collapses indiacte that there we where right as well. We said
you would convert to islam alas you have not...Or have you. You are afterall
about to elect an african muslim from kenya as your president. True
followers of allah around the world are waiting to see if america will truly
elect a muslim as their president.

We cannot believe your corrupt media has allowed it to go unknown that Obama
is a muslim, and was born in kenya. But we consider him a brother and have
the evidence to prove it.

<enter  edited video clips of the various artifacts stroube has pointed to
with this in the background http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2oNLLwKFMk>

Maybe, that would sway the election. But maybe not.
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