[eDebate] tuna wrong on free speech

Old Strega oldstrega
Sat Oct 25 12:29:25 CDT 2008

sorry, tuna but your university is childish or should i say overly "paternalistic".  

i don't think the vermont model is very good at all where a director allows his superiors to tell him and MOSTLY tell his students what is childish and what forums they can participate in.

if tuna were a true free speech advocate and a debate coach of high esteem, he would have been able to convince the university of vermont that they were wrong for adopting the guise of "paternalism" protecting his students from what they deem "childish".   you'd think tuna would know about the slippery slope of restrictions on "childish" postings.

not only does tuna not divorce himself from his university's paternalism but even worse he takes on that guise for himself in trying to mobilize the pure space of non-childish valuable debate discussion that he is sure he could define for everyone because he is old and more wise than upstart youngsters who stray from the path of adult debating.

dipshit, it's impossible to define what is childish and what is not childish without venturing down the road of censorship.   we've had this discussion before and you always look more childish than the "childish" partipants you aim to suppress through your fascist ideas about speech restrictions.  

perhaps, tuna, naked lunch should be taken off the shelves again, and lady chatterly's lover and any childish fiction not endorsed by the paternalistic universtiy of vermont or at least your debate students should be discouraged from reading that material because you are unwilling to defend their rights to read whatever they choose.

tuna is a prime example of the pawn in the censorship game who concedes into the grey area of the slippery slope.

i encourage all debate programs completely committed to free speech to follow the opposite example of tuna and stand up for their students's rights.  personally, on the issue of free speech,  i think tuna is a coward and terrible example for debate programs.
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