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Sat Oct 25 13:06:53 CDT 2008

1) you can't preserve the constitution by subverting Article 2 outlining natural born citizenship as requirement for the presidency.     much less can you believe those who aim to restore the constitution through such subversion which is compounded by the vote for warrantless wiretapping and a total lie by obama that FISA allows for complete judicial review.   it's one thing to vote for warrantless wiretapping but totally disgusting to spin it as something else so that you're moveon.org folk suddenly become advocates of the george Worst president bush police state.   FISA is ugly but free pass cagliostro breezed through the media with a total bullshit lie about what his vote in favor really is.   i'm sick and tired of the fucking idiots supporting obama allowing him to get away with his bogus FISA spin as if his charismatic personality outweighs.    8 more years of warrantless wiretapping euphemistically spun by cagliostro.  fucking great.   in the spirit of the comedian mort sahl, i will fight cagliostro to the end.   i don't care if they shut down oldstrega at hotmail.com.  i will get another account.

born in kenya means obama is not a natural born citizen and therefore ineligible for the presidency.   you are wrong to characterize article 2 of the constitution as a technicality since that analysis could be cross-applied to any provision of the constitution like the first amendment.   same slippery slope as in the critique of tuna's ideas about censorship good.

2) with the birth certificate not allowed to be analyzed by mulitple forensic experts but only the anneburg foundation which obama worked for for 4 years, the transparency and public accountability talk through which cagliostro has gained the belief of the anti-war movement and anti-establishment forces becomes completely hollow and a possible means for even greater policing than under the bush administration.   NOW, warrantless wiretapping, a new war in afghanistan and faith-based iniatives have become palatable to groups which previously opposed all 3 issues because of the mystifying deployment of the obama personality.    the media free pass is also frightening with the suppression of berg vs. obama and anything which could sting cagliostro.   dissent will reach an all-time low since 9-11 and carrying over into the first two years of the obama administration until the SUBTLE policing becomes more transparent and tiny portions of the movements that challenged the WTO at the end of clinton break off from obama's spell binding lies and realize he is a puppet of the foreign policy establishment and a total fraud.

can't you see that the bush administration went too far with their attempted coup and that bush lite might allow for the most sinister dreams of the bush administration to be more fully realized through more efficient means and a more charismatic leader who is a puppet of the council on foreign relations?    brzezinski was responsible for creating al-qaeda with the afghan trap.    now, obama under brzezinski's tutelage is going to wipe them out and not create a pakistan disaster.   that's real fucking compelling.    brzezinski good.    what a file.

the critical approaches on obama out there mostly miss the boat lacking the sophistication necessary to get the heart of the washington beltway's embrace of mr. obama.  i am devising and calling for novel critiques of obama that realize that the muslim allegations play into his favor and trace his relationships to the chicago syndicate and the policy elite.

3) the forgery of the hawiian birth certificate is criminal.   plus, the manufacture of the short-form birth certificate analyzed by fact check may have involved a watergate style break-in which casts further doubts on cagliostro's claims that he aims to restore constitutional rights attacked by the bush administration:


But the repeated references to State Department requirements for a passport take on a new significance in the light of the recognition, pointed out by an Israel Insider reader, that this "new" certificate of live birth is recorded as being photographed on March 12, 2008, and a contract employee of an Obama advisor -- allegedly a former CIA agent -- was caught breaking into Obama's passport files on March 14, 2008. Indeed, his passport file was looked at twice before--both times BEFORE this "certification of live birth" (not "certificate of birth," as FactCheck sloppily calls it) was photographed. 

Shades of Watergate dirty tricks! Were those passport file break-ins ever investigated or prosecuted? Is it coincidental then that FactCheck inexplicably and repeatedly points out that this certificate of live birth contains all data required by the State Dept. to receive a passport? 

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