[eDebate] case will be appealed to 3rd circuit or supreme court

Old Strega oldstrega
Sat Oct 25 13:32:34 CDT 2008

according to berg's prediction of dismissal.

question remains why obama supporters are satisfied with cagliostro's refusal to submit his birth certificate to the court to dispel once and for all the allegations and walk his talk on transparency.  the claim in the article on dismissal of the case that fact check is non-partisan is a fucking joke considering obama worked for the same foundation that funds fact check.  titling an organization "fact check" is a ruse to trick you into thinking it's objective and non-partisan.  just listen to the ring of that name like the ring of a stump speech and you'll swoon.

the case was dismissed and will be presented as a trivial attack but if that's the case, then why won't the major media outlets trivialize on primetime like they do the muslim and ayers allegations?

grandma's affidavit tape will be made public in the next couple of days.  we'll see if foxnews picks up the dismissal or the tape which will induce cagliostro to throw grandma under the bus.

the manipulation of the judiciary by the CFR to subvert article 2 and get their afghan war puppet is distasteful.

berg should have a statement coming on his website discussing plans for the appeal.    the partial beauty of the court system is that a decision by a lower court is never final.

however, my guess is that the obama team will put tremendous pressure to not have the appeal allowed.      only with hindsight will the future anti-obama movements be able to link the FISA vote and the suppression of the birth certificate controversy as the key moments in the formation of a liberal dictator with unsurpassed executive powers since FDR tried to pack the supreme court.
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