[eDebate] is obama a diebold whore? -- the chuck hagel connection

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Sat Oct 25 19:11:24 CDT 2008

back in '04 the anti-war movement was up in arms about chuck hagel, diebold voting machines and fraud.    kucinich called for the paper trail but kerry was too weak.    with obama leader craze, the paper trail is dead.  i repeat with the obama leader craze, the paper trail is dead.     the obamatrons have fallen for the ahistorical media glitz.

does obama plan to capitalize on his alliance with hagel (yeah, the republican who sucked barack's dick on the iraq trip) to use diebold voting machines to simulate a landslide victory in the upcoming election?    already, we see prediction of nebraska wavering on the red state/blue state line.

i'm glad the obamatrons have warmed up to chuck hagel.   he's a real gem in the history of change we can believe in.  keep the blinders on and sleep good at night.

you, obamatrons, got short memories and are sellouts.  your acritical belief in obama is a major mistake.    i was right about bush and the war in iraq and i will be proven right again as the obama spell wears off.   

ok, i'm not completely alone.   a rare few are asking much needed obama questions.   
why is obama hanging out with chuck hagel?


Posted at the Paul Wellstone Group:
Beverly Isbell Brown wrote:

Has anyone noted how Obama has been traveling with Republican Senator Hagel (R-Nebraska)? They even went to Iraq together... Obama says that "Chuck Hagel is a great friend of mine and I respect him very much." 

here is the old anti-war position of moveon.org and dailykos.com to name a few before the absorption of these leftists into leader mesmerization:


The Ahmanson family sold their shares in American Information Systems to the McCarthy Group and the World Herald Company, Inc. Republican Senator Chuck Hagel disclosed in public documents that he was the Chairman of American Information Systems and claimed between a $1 to 5 million investment in the McCarthy Group. In 1997, American Information Systems purchased Business Records Corp. (BRC), formerly Texas-based election company Cronus Industries, to become ES&S. One of the BRC owners was Carolyn Hunt of the right-wing Hunt oil family, which supplied much of the original money for the Council on National Policy.

In 1996, Hagel became the first elected Republican Nebraska senator in 24 years when he did surprisingly well in an election where the votes were verified by the company he served as chairman and maintained a financial investment. In both the 1996 and 2002 elections, Hagel?s ES&S counted an estimated 80% of his winning votes. Due to the contracting out of services, confidentiality agreements between the State of Nebraska and the company kept this matter out of the public eye. Hagel?s first election victory was described as a ?stunning upset? by one Nebraska newspaper.

Hagel?s official biography states, ?Prior to his election to the U.S. Senate, Hagel worked in the private sector as the President of McCarthy and Company, an investment banking firm based in Omaha, Nebraska and served as Chairman of the Board of American Information Systems.? During the first Bush presidency, Hagel served as Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer of the 1990 Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations (G-7 Summit).

Bob Urosevich was the Programmer and CEO at AIS, before being replaced by Hagel. Bob now heads Diebold Election Systems and his brother Todd is a top executive at ES&S. Bob created Diebold?s original electronic voting machine software. Thus, the brothers Urosevich, originally funded by the far Right, figure in the counting of approximately 80% of electronic voting in the United States.

Like Ohio, the State of Maryland was disturbed by the potential for massive electronic voter fraud.
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