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Sat Oct 25 20:07:17 CDT 2008

1) obama is the one claiming to preserve the letter of the constitution infringed upon by the bush administration.   you can't do that by subverting article 2.

2) obama is running on a transparency ticket.   if you allow him a transparency exception on submitting the birth certificate to multiple forensic experts to get an "unbiased" authentication, then the precedent is set for numerous transparency transgressions on the grounds of preserving the public integrity of the leader worshipped by rising paramilitary units.   there is good reason to believe that obama is hesitant to issue his birth certificate in court because a third party completely disconnected from his past may dispute non-partisan fact check.

3) you have no answers to forging birth certificates, breaking-into passport offices in the style of nixon/watergate, and deliberately fostering a mass media delusion with a biased "fact check".    the best cover for one who covets cheney OVP power is one who fakes opposing that power.

4)  if you were a real "foucauldian" you'd be questioning the consensus of positivist objectivity surrounding obama's birth certificate created through organization names like "fact check".    as far as i remember, foucault wasn't much into the non-questioning of facts.   

if this is not such a big deal, then why the need for a mass media magic show to create the impression that obama is a natural born citizen?

foucault studied the creation of truth through the hocus pocus of science.   the obama birth certificate confirmed by fucking "fact check" is a case study in the ruse of objectivity amplified by obama's laughable "fight the smears" page.   "fact check" the name all over obama's "fight the smears" wreaks of positivist standards of objective truth.    nobody wants to talk about this objective truth generated by the anneburg foundation that obama used to work for because "fight the smears" presents the case in anti-foucauldian terms as settled once and for all by a single report.   we should never question the manufacture of that truth ever again accordingly to the inculcation on "fight the smears".   believe is poor word choice for a campaign slogan in the wake of bush administration lies.   the birth certificate is a joke and i refuse to accept its "authenticity" or obama as a representative i can believe in.   

also, remember foucault quickly dissociated from the french socialist prime minister following his election in 1980.    foucault was not one to be a follower in a mainstream political movement that used party mechanisms to orchestrate truths like the objective obama birth certificate for the masses.

shame on you, sanchez, you should've been able to come up with a better foucault application than that.  

5) if the article 2 of the constitution doesn't matter, anyone born in any country can become president?    why not native born chinese or iranians?   that's the slippery slope.    the genius of the founding fathers preventing the english from snatching the nation back applies as much today as ever.     you have to draw a line somewhere.  the constitution does so.   if you want naturalized citizens to qualify then you need an amendment to the constitution.   you can't just impose a new constitutional standard without going through normal means.   

why make exceptions to the constitution for obama when bush's infringements were deplorable?   the constitution is open to interpretation but natural born citizen is clearly defined in US law.    "we're a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws."  remember.   

6) if you can't hold obama to his own shoddy rhetoric, how far away from bush could he possibly take you most especially given the stark possibility he could appoint fringe conservative judges with ambivalent positions on roe v. wade like he plans to load his administration with republicans like hagel and powell?

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