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Eric Wendell Marlow emarlow
Sun Oct 26 12:18:40 CDT 2008

Eric Wendell Marlow wrote:

>In an effort to increase the educational experience of debaters at the 
>Joe C. Jackson, we are requiring that judges have a philosophy on 
>debateresults that debaters can access.  There is no excuse for not 
>having one up by November.  Directors, if your critics do not have a 
>philosophy posted, they will not be allowed to count toward filling 
>your commitment.  A quick run through of the critics listed so far 
>yields the following list of people with no information:
>Michael Weitz
>Kansas State University
>Chelsea Good
>George Hodges
>University of Oklahoma
>Casey Howard
>Billy Lieurance
>Nick Shirley
>Sarah Steece
>Wichita State University
>Zach Brown
>If these critics do not have a philosophy by the time we initialize 
>prefs, they will be removed from the pool and your school's entry/entry 
>fees will be adjusted to either cover judging for teams or to remove 
>teams we can't cover from the pool.  I hate to be draconian about this, 
>but I feel like there is no excuse for forcing debaters to try to 
>figure out their critics in November.  If you have any questions, 
>please feel free to contact me.  We look forward to hosting all of you 
>next month and to offering a great competitive and educational 
>experience for all of the participants.
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