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Sun Oct 26 17:22:04 CDT 2008

Overview: a couple of changes this year--
1. New hotel--Best Western Annapolis.  $69/night and free breakfast.  Coffee only at the tournament.
2. No videotaping is allowed this year.  This is part of my employment agreement.  If you videotape rounds for any purpose (including scouting) at our tournament, I hope you have sweet health insurance and don't mind adding me, Tom, and CJ as dependents because I will no longer be employed by the Naval Academy.
3. MPJ will be applied in all three divisions.
4. Hybrid teams will clear this year, except for those hybrids consisting of a Navy debater.

5. Pairings for rounds 3 and 4 will be released on Friday night.  Pairings for the first elim round will be released on Saturday night.  
6. Need babysitting or other family-related accomodations?  Let me know.
7. As always, teams with budgetary or other obstacles to attending should contact me--we will do everything we can to help you make it to our tournament, including waiving fees.
Things remaining the same--awesome tab staff, coaches' reception Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights, good food, sweet trophies, beautiful and historic campus, helpful midshipmen guides, at least 6 excellent debates.  


Dear Colleague, 
You are cordially invited to enter the Fifty-Third Annual United States Naval Academy Debate Tournament. The USNA tournament will take place in historic Annapolis, Maryland on January 23-25, 2009. Join us for a weekend of exceptional team policy debate competition between some of the nation?s premier forensic programs. 
The USNA tournament will utilize the 2008-2009 national debate topic. 
The USNA tournament will include Varsity, Junior Varsity and Novice level competition and feature six preliminary rounds of debate followed by elimination rounds.* All debates will use the 9-3-6 minute time format. Teams will receive 10 minutes of preparation time during each debate. 
The deadline for entering the USNA tournament is January 21, 2008. The registration fee is $50.00 for each participant (coaches, debaters and observers). Please make checks payable to the ?Midshipmen Welfare Fund?. 
Each college or university debate program entering the USNA tournament must provide a qualified critic to judge three preliminary rounds of competition for each team it enters in this tournament. Entering programs are further required to provide a critic to judge up to two break rounds of debate beyond the elimination of their teams from the tournament. In the event your program cannot fulfill these requirements, a very limited number of ?for-hire? critics will be available at $120 per two-person team. Please let us know in advance if you will need to hire judges.
Trophies will be awarded to all teams advancing to the quarter final round.  Trophies will also be awarded to the top ten individual speakers in each division of debate. The John Jay Pierpont Trophy, an eighteenth-century silver cup, will be presented to the program that sponsors the winning Varsity team. The Pierpont Trophy may be displayed at the winning school for one calendar year. 
Tournament accommodations are available at the Best Western in Annapolis, located at 2520 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD.   Their telephone number is 410-224-2800.  Please request the USNA Debate Tournament Block.  Our contact is Cheryl in the sales office.  A special double room rate of $69/night is available. The Best Western has guaranteed room rate and availability for tournament participants until December 24th. After December 24th, the Best Western will only offer rooms subject to availability and only at the going rate. Tournament registration and coaches? meetings will be held at the Best Western.  Additionally, as the Best Western provides a continental breakfast beginning at 6 am, only coffee will be provided at the tournament this year.  To ensure a memorable and pleasant experience at the USNA debate tournament please inform your participants of the following: 
1.      The Tournament will be governed by ADA rules.  Mutual preference judging will be applied in all three divisions in accordance with ADA rules.  Hybrid teams will clear in accordance with ADA rules.
2.      The tournament will be conducted in academic facilities that will be used for classes shortly after the conclusion of the event.  Please respect the room and the materials within it.  
3.       There is absolutely no smoking in any Naval Academy building. Smoking areas are located outside some USNA buildings. Please dispose of smoking materials responsibly. 
4.      The Fifteen-Minute Forfeit rule will be in effect. If a team is not ready to debate 15 minutes after the announced start time of a debate, they forfeit the round. All judges are asked to finish coaching their team 5 minutes before round start time and get to the rounds they are judging. Judges who are fifteen minutes late to their rounds will cause the top team of the school (as determined by the tab room) they are representing to forfeit a debate. 
5.      Unfortunately, recent events have prompted the Naval Academy?s Office of Public Affairs to issue this requirement?NO videotaping of rounds or any other proceedings may be done on the Naval Academy?s grounds.  
6.      As you register, please be aware that we need security information for each vehicle entering the Naval Academy including: Make, Model, License plate, Driver name, and Driver?s license number.   We need this information at least two weeks in advance.  If you are driving a rental vehicle, all we will need is the driver?s name and license number.  
7.      If you have any questions, please contact me at 410.293.6853. Entry is through DebateResults.
We look forward to enjoying the fine Annapolis-in-January weather with you this year!
Sincerely, Danielle Verney                LT John Hoy                           MIDN Casey Sheldon Director of Debate           Officer Representative          Tournament Logistics 
United States Naval Academy 
* The USNA Debate Tournament will utilize the American Debate Association (ADA) definitions for Novice and Junior Varsity Debaters. Half of competing teams will clear, up to a maximum of 16 per division, as we have room constraints on Sunday evening.       
Naval Academy Debate Tournament Tournament Schedule January 23-25, 2009
Thursday, January 228:30 - 10:00 PM: Early registration, Best Western Hotel Annapolis 
Friday, January 2312:00 - 3:00 PM Registration * Location to be announced 3:30 PM General Meeting - Mahan Lobby4:00 PM Round I 6:15 PM Round II 10:00 PM Coaches Reception ? Best Western 
10:30 PM (Estimate) Pairings for Round III and Round IV to be distributed at the Best Western and on edebate.
Saturday, January 248:00 AM USNA Buildings Open8:30 AM Round III 10:45 AM Round IV 1:00 PM Lunch - Mahan Lobby 2:00 PM Round V 4:45 PM Round VI 7:00 PM Awards Reception ? Mahan Lobby
10:30 PM (Estimate) Pairings for First Elimination Round to be distributed at the Best Western and on edebate.
Sunday, January 257:45 AM USNA Buildings Open8:00 AM Elimination Rounds Begin 
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