[eDebate] yo foucauldians, jail unions endorse CJS obama

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Tue Oct 28 09:51:30 CDT 2008

i'm glad bear, tuna and sanchez and the boys are warming up to prison guards and have sold out to the CJS and FISA.    it's about time the people who faked it as "anti-establishment" for so many years showed their true POLICE STATE colors.    thank god, the messiah is teaching us to give up the fight against prisons and focus our energy on more mainstream ideas like faith-based organizations, tax cuts and catching al-qaeda.   this is a much more comfortable place for minds that have been worn down over the years.   it's time to be positive.   ever since that lee atwater ad nixed dukakis, the drug war has turned into my favorite policy for my presidential candidate to endorse.   it's just good strategy and makes alot of sense.   first, i voted for bush with the jail unions in favor of an expanded CJS and i now i'm voting for obama with the jail unions in favor of an expanded CJS. 

discipline and bush is the stupidest book i ever tried to read.    i now prefer irving kristol, neoconservatism: the autobiography an idea where he outlines the 3 pillars of WAR, TAX CUTS, and RELIGION because it helps me understand where my candidate is coming from.   it's even hilarious when he mocks the stupid anti-war movements.


Endorsed By Prison Guards
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Posted in Chronicle Blog by Scott Morgan on Mon, 09/24/2007 - 9:52pm
I guess the title says it all. Barack Obama is far and away the worst democratic contender when it comes to drug policy and criminal justice reform. It is unsurprising, therefore, that people who make a living off our grotesquely bloated criminal justice system are supporting his candidacy. Via Talkleft:

?one of the largest municipal jail unions in the country said Monday it would endorse Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois for president. The endorsement would be Obama's first from a union.
Obama said, "It's an honor to have the endorsement of these men and women who put themselves at risk every day to serve on the front lines of our nation's criminal justice system." [CBS News]

Ah, the ever-expanding front lines of our criminal justice system. Obama just keeps saying things like this. It remains perplexing to watch the so-called "change" candidate gaze with reverence upon our massive drug war and criminal justice system. Obama's support from incarceration specialists is richly deserved to be sure.
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