[eDebate] Wayne State Tournament

Josh jbhdb8
Tue Oct 28 13:28:02 CDT 2008


The Wolverines wanted to thank Wayne State University for their excellent
tournament.  The hospitality (including zagat rated deep dish pizza, world
class middle eastern fare, and a great group of debaters helping with
everything) was EXCELLENT considering the low entry costs.  The competition
was EXCELLENT (congrats to our friends from Northwestern and Michigan State
for getting to the finals). The hotel was 4 diamond.....the tournament was
all in one building....and in addition to all that you also get to hang out
with Doctor Ron "Society for Creative Anachronism" Stevenson and aspiring
PHD candidate Neil "tab room director" Butt.

As if that was not enough, there was a visit from Sarah Palin, a costume
contest including Monkey, Goose, and Iceman.....and we found out that Doctor
Kelly Young has an alter-ego...The Wayne State Warrior.  If you would like
to see Kelly doing his "other" job, here is a picture:


Anyway, thanks for the great time, you all should consider adding Wayne next

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