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Douglas Roubidoux roubidou
Tue Oct 28 17:55:55 CDT 2008

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has an assistant debate coach position
opening up in the fall of 09. Our current assistant coach is going back to
school to get her PhD.  This not a formal announcement of the opening, that
will be coming out early next semester.  However, I wanted to let people
know that the position will be open.

The assistant debate coach position is a full time/renewable position with
full benefits.  The team competes at both regional and national policy
debate tournaments. The team is well supported financially through the
Department of Communication and by student allocations.  We received a
significant budget increase for the 09-10 season that will enable us to
double the number of tournaments we attend.

Wisconsin is a great place to work and live.  The University benefits are
outstanding. It is beautiful in the summer; we don't like to talk about the
winter so much.

Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.

* *

Below is the basic position description. The formal description will be
released next semester.

* *

*Position Title*:  Assistant Debate Coach/Lecturer/Basic Speech
Communication Course Program

*Requirements*:  M.A./M.S. in Speech Communication

*Teaching Responsibilities*: Teach the *Fundamentals of Speech Communication
* course (a General Ed. Requirement).  Course can be taught as a public
speaking course or as a hybrid. Participate in the collaborative teaching
team that facilitates the *Basic Speech Communication Course Program* by 1)
teaching the course according to area policies, 2) attending and
participating in meetings, 3) holding office hours.

*Coaching Responsibilities: * Assist the Director of Debate program by 1)
assigning research responsibilities, 2) watching and evaluating practice
debates, 3) traveling and judging at tournaments, and 4) various other
responsibilities as assigned by the director.   The UW Oshkosh debate team
is both regionally and nationally competitive in policy debate. (CEDA/NDT)
The team is well supported financially through the Department of
Communication and by student allocations.

Douglas Roubidoux
Director of Debate
UW Oshkosh
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