[eDebate] it's simple stupid: "transparency" without vigorous public debate is not transparency

Old Strega oldstrega
Tue Oct 28 21:16:04 CDT 2008

the obama campaign profits from television commentator selection of material worthy of discussion and CHOOSES NOT TO COUNTER THAT SELECTION WITH A PUBLIC DEBATE AGENDA tacitly endorsing the silence of discussion about prospects in afghanistan

we are pulling out of iraq and gradually redeploying the troops to afghansitan with a bear minimum discussion of a possible iranian annexation of southern iraq and a pakistan trigger in afghanistan.   instead of opposing CNN and MSNBC on their acritical coverage of the brzezinski thesis, the obama campaign embraces the honeymoon windfall and tacitly endorses a delay on the debate until it's too late in direct mimicry of the bush administration approach to iraq.   

we have no "change" of debate on the major foreign policy issue of the day which is troop deployment in to harms way.   instead, we have a replication of media hype optimism on post-vietnam guerilla warfare.    i hate debaters who don't want television to actually allow the other perspective and DO NOTHING to criticize the exclusion because doing so would hurt their candidate and their war agenda.   that's go for the bush neocons and the obama neoliberals.    just like under bush, we now have to wait under obama for the afghan quagmire to develop before the debate about the afghan war is allowed.    

sorry, debaters (enclosed in a competetive framework with censorship leaders like tuna spreading debate worldwide via CIA backed funded soros programs) but you have fallen for da bait.   see you again, in a few years, to celebrate MISSION ACCOMPLISHED in afghanistan

this is not a transparency campaign.   "straight talk" is for heterosexual social hygeinists who watch too much televison.    this is a mainstream top-down, executive power campaign defending warrantless wiretapping and the largest prison population in the world.

show me once, where obama sez he wants a real debate and not the right-wing sideshow in the media accusing him of being a terrorist and a muslim.    he's gloating in the fake television world where no real debate is happening.    

show me once where he does not ask his mesmerized followers to believe in the media hype surrounding the redeployment of troops but that he wants an actual vigorous public debate of the new war BEFORE it fails.

show me once where he takes full responsibility for all the dead soldiers if the afghan war fails and the al-qaeda nest moves to indonesia.

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