[eDebate] Novice at CEDA Nats and Josh

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Tue Oct 28 21:20:24 CDT 2008

I would like to add a prior disclaimer to all of Josh's emails that he
definitely does not intend to offend anyone, ever, under any circumstances,
about anything. This should help speed up his ability to send emails, as if
that is at all possible.
When the novice elims are held matters. If they're held during the triples
or doubles (maybe even octas), Im opposed to them because the judging for
all of the rounds, including the new division, will suffer. While this
atrocity of a tournament is not as poorly judged as it was when Chief used
to debate at it, it is, still, a crap shoot given that the bottom of the
pool is so large that the range of individuals you may get in the 2 or 3
range is less preferable than it would be at other tournaments. This factor
is, frankly, already driving many teams from participating in the
tournament. Adding "just" 4 more rounds is adding "just" 12 more judges to
the pool of elims, which is some serious stress on overall elim preference
where we should be striving for A-A match ups. Im not saying nix the
division; Im saying careful placement is crucial.

If there is a forced trade-off with open elims, I am, in fact, opposed to
the division. I guess it's because Im an elitist sorta, but also because
there are like 15 other novice national championships you can participate in
beyond CEDA.

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