[eDebate] MLK never said...

Old Strega oldstrega
Tue Oct 28 21:55:48 CDT 2008

pull-out of vietnam, redeploy to cuba.

he just said -- pull out of vietnam, war is bad.

obama is a fucking fraud parlaying mass media confusion.'

the war in afghanistan is bush's old war, bush's old bad idea.

in my opininon, given MLK's commitment to non-violence and the strength of his far superior rhetoric to chump boy obama, MLK would be in the streets fighting the afghan war just like he fought against vietam.  

to characterize MLK's resistance to vietnam as "you got the wrong war, whitey" and not "war is wrong" is typical of the poorly educated masses of our day who wouldn't know their asses from their mouths.

tuna, bear and sanchez are my favorite ones amongst the ahistorical revisionists who would love to identify obama's stance on iraq adopted from brzezinski with MLK's commitment to non-violence and opposition to all imperial wars.  

it's the biggest pile of shit i've ever seen.
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