[eDebate] Graduate Coaching at UGA

Casey Harrigan charrigan
Tue Oct 28 22:03:28 CDT 2008

We encourage students who are interested in graduate work in communication
to look at the program at the University of Georgia.

Our graduate program funds each student admitted to one of our degree
programs (M.A. & Ph.D.). The stipend is extremely competitive?it pays
tuition and fees and provides a monthly income sufficient to provide for
comfortable living in low-cost Athens. In most cases, a graduate student
would teach in a classroom setting and work with the debate program.

The Georgia Debate Union travels to both regional and national policy debate
tournaments. The assistant coaches have the opportunity to work with a wide
range of students that comprise the membership of the program. More details
about our team can be found our web site: http://www.debate.uga.edu/

For details about the graduate admissions process, see:
http://www.uga.edu/~spc/ <http://www.uga.edu/%7Espc/>  We begin to review
files for admission on January 1, 2009.

The University of Georgia is located in Athens, Georgia. You can find
information about Athens at: http://www.visitathensga.com/

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: epanetta at uga.edu or
harrigan at uga.edu
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