[eDebate] Directors Only: Travel Budget Survey

Beth Skinner beth.skinner
Tue Oct 28 23:51:04 CDT 2008

I'm gathering data on travel budgets and policies in college policy debate
programs.  If you can take 5 minutes to complete this survey it would help
out - it's only 10 questions.  I hope that the results will be useful for
budget planning and program justification.  A summary of the results will be
reported on edebate.

In order to avoid duplication, I'm asking that only one representative from
each program (i.e. the director or their designee) provide info.

The survey asks you to identify your program as well as potentially
sensitive information (travel budget amount).  When the results are
released, no particular program's budget numbers will be
identified.  The purpose in gathering this information is to check
correlations between different variables (travel budget to national ranking,
for instance).  Please let me know if you have questions or
concerns.  Thanks, Beth

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