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Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Wed Oct 29 08:15:40 CDT 2008


jack wrote, "tuna, bear and sanchez are my favorite ones amongst the
revisionists who would love to identify obama's stance on iraq
from brzezinski with MLK's commitment to non-violence and
opposition to
all imperial wars."

no idea where this came from, but i've expressed no such sentiment. that
christopher hitchens has endorsed obama - in no small part because of his
'tough talk' on pakistan - should tell us a lot...


i agree it's a shame there's no viable anti-war candidate (and no anti-war
position articulated in the presidential 'debates')... nevertheless, expecting
a country with the largest military (and a history of imperial aggression) to
elect anyone who shares m.l.k.'s views on non-violence is naive. (we often
canonize those whose moral example we're too weak to follow.)

stroube, your recent posts are about as level-headed and cogent as john
mccain's campaign of late - a simple question: will you be voting for him?

i'll await your answer before replying in any more detail.


p.s. you've gotten in the nasty habit of not directly refuting my arguments,
assuming my position on matters we haven't discussed, and then attacking
straw-dogs of your own creation. for example, i wrote that as a student of
foucault, i try to focus more on cultural norms than on legal technicalities.
rather than rebut this, you mention a couple other applications one could
make of foucault's life and work - his criticisms of positivistic standards of
objective truth, his disassociation from the french socialist party; then you
criticize me for not coming up with your evidently superior applications. so,
i don't wish to enter into a contest of 'who is more foucauldian?', but we'd
do well to remind ourselves that phrases such as "we're a nation of laws"
and "the genius of the founding fathers" wouldn't come trippingly for michel
- yet you use them, jack, seemingly without irony.

"we should not be deceived by all the constitutions framed throughout the
world since the french revolution, the codes written and revised, a whole
continual and clamorous legislative activity: these were the forms that made
an essentially normalizing power acceptable."
-- 'history of sexuality, v1' : page 144.

"the liberty of [people] is never assured by the institutions and laws that are
intended to guarantee them. this is why almost all of these laws and institutions
are quite capable of being turned around. not because they are ambiguous,
but simply because 'liberty' is what must be exercised."
-- 'the foucault effect' : page 47.


p.p.s., the subject-title is michael antonucci's phrase...
...and a good one - though i fear i'm included in the pejorative.

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