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Old Strega oldstrega
Wed Oct 29 09:04:20 CDT 2008

i'm not voting for republican mccain or republican lite obama.   i group you with bear and tuna because you appear to be one of those people voting for obama and promoting his media image.   if you're not voting for him, i haven't seen any way in which you have found a critical inroad into his bid for the presidency.  

1) i never said i expected an anti-war candidate with MLK's views on the ballot of an imperial nation.   i'm simply said or implied that just because a candidate is half black does not merit comparisons to MLK or any of the african-american resistance figures of the past.  free pass obama gets that lame association "by color" in the mainstream media.    free pass obama's "reverend under the bus" speech was compared to "i have a dream" despite its marked inferiority and despite the fraction of non-rhetorical or rhetorical basis for comparison of the anti-war MLK to the CFR brzezinski war puppet obama.   

2) given foucault's deployment of the genealogical, critical thinking laid out in discipline and punish, i can hardly hear him saying that i'm "naive to expect an anti-panopticon candidate on the ballot of the nation which has grown the largest prison population in the world".    my guess is that foucault would simply critique all candidates galvanizing the "image of change" by coveting the jail union vote and for having the most dangerous drug war and criminal justice policies of the democrat candidates who were in the primaries.   the runaround to try and salvage some "foucauldian" defense of obama, the mainstream puppet and darling of the media with very little critical thinking happening in his campaign compared to slick manipulation, is a joke.    the letter of the law thing on the constitution and the birth certificate was dumb.   obama who tried to euphemistically spin FISA as not protecting warrantless wiretapping in the vein of the patriot act is the one who says he's about preserving the "letter of the law" in the constitution.   FISA warrantless wiretapping is an expansion of the panoptican which those who take foucault seriously should consider INTOLERABLE, the name foucault gave to the modern prison systems of the early 70s when he took to the streets in resistance.   there is not one "foucauldianism" out there but the attempt to spin foucault to defend the imperial war president ready to stoke the CJS is a fucking joke.   it's time to be positive.    the critique wears the edge off your mind over time.    it's either republican or republican lite.    you have to vote.    and because there have been so many bad candidates in the past, the new bad candidate who hardly represents any SIGNIFICANT change deserves to be defended from critiques of the illusion of advocating change.

3) i will defend the genius of the founding fathers of the constitution on one simple point.   the innovation of the three branches which was, in my opinion, designed to prevent another cromwellian dictatorship of the puritans has successfully survived 3 great awakenings of the religious elements that obama courts, most especially the attempted dubya coup.     do you have another bad analogy?   given that reagan, rove, bush and palin have stimulated the awakening of the evangelicals, it is naive to imagine a candidate on the ballot for the president of evangelical america who refuses to change dubya's genius creation of theocratic faith-based iniatitives.   obama and the liberal version of the orwellian nightmare is more dangerous than dubya because a more charismatic leader with more "palatable" and efficient means may resurrect the failed dubya coup having deluded a large percentage of the "resistance" into total confusion about the relevant critical questions of our day.    that's the significance of the obama campaign modelling the 3 pillars of neoconservatism: WAR in afghanistan, TAX CUTS for the middle class, and RELIGION through faith-based iniatives.     if you can't beat reagan, bush sr., and bush jr. without the help of ross perot then, hey, copy irving kristol's 3 pillars of neoconservatism with a half-black puppet and a bunch of mainstream media tricks that squash public debate.     mccain sucks but obama's a diebold whore going around with chuck hagel and ready to create a landslide.
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