[eDebate] ----- or not, here i come

Old Strega oldstrega
Wed Oct 29 09:47:49 CDT 2008


i paid for the $175 50s dinette from the vintage furniture store with the four leather-backed chairs.  go back sunday to get it.  still need a bookshelf.

i confess i've been doing electronic comedy on edebate making fun of obama but clearly not supporting mccain either.    i'm in the tradition of mort sahl who opened the door for lenny bruce, woody allen and modern comedy.   i attack all the candidates.  in 1960, he went after JFK as beaver on leave it to beaver and nixon.   when JFK won, he attacked him vigorously and then when he was assassinated, he went after the cover-up.    the idea behind this style of comedy is critical thinking first and the dangerousness of being lulled into the personality of a candidate which could not be more apropos for obama comedy routines.   the television comedy of maher, stuart and colbert of bush is meek compared to my harsh sting and parody.  i did bush 8 years ago before it was fashionable.  again, i'm on the cutting edge.    the obamatrons are crying on the list-serv.   i've got an audience of over 3000 with free speech protections from the moderator.   i've done this many times before.   i had taken a long break.    i had to go on record before the inauguration of major problems with comparing obama to mlk, etc.    in my prime, this is some of the best stuff i've ever done and my greatest wish in this second to perform some of it for you.     did you know that african-american scholars have researched 5 black presidents before obama?    jefferson, jackson, lincoln, harding, coolidge.     lincoln was called "abraham africanus, the first" by his opponents.    obama has sold out his own people's history and the television story of a watershed breaking of the glass ceiling is a soap opera.

so "mudbugs and black blood are the key to fine buttocks?"   yip. that's the key.


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