[eDebate] hoe: lincoln, coolidge + harding = slave owners

Old Strega oldstrega
Wed Oct 29 19:44:09 CDT 2008

hoe is leaving the conversation because his argument is awful.
conceding that obama is the sixth black president, he goes for obama being the first socially constructed black president.
"abraham lincoln was called Abraham Africanus, the First by his opponents."  
this argument has been made five times and hoe can't seem to show how this is not a social construction of a black president.
hoe wants all five of the previous black presidents to have been slave owners socially constructed as white but he can't muster the complete argument to defend that view.  
the only argument hoe has is that the school system and the television have socially constructed (rewritten history) the 5 previous black presidents as white.    hoe has believed that history his whole life and this conviction is so strong that he can't hear the historical evidence which denies obama's presidential legacy as the first black president.
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