[eDebate] Want to judge in Monticello, NY? $100 for one day

Stefan Bauschard stefan.bauschard
Thu Oct 30 21:44:32 CDT 2008

Where?  Monticello HS, Monticello NY
When? November 8
Time? 8:30-5ish
What? 4 novice and/orJV debates.  It is only the second novice tournament,
so most of the debaters won't even use all of their speech time.
Appreciated? Yes, your efforts will be appreciated. I'm trying to cover 5
teams worth of judging for a new school who will be attending their first
tournament, so I'm somewhat desperate.
Qualifications? Some basic knowledge of policy debate would be appreciated.
If you know a little, you can help them a lot.

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