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Hi, Look..y'all are educators training students who will one day enter professional work places where they WILL be told how to dress - I think Scott's point is that there is nothing wrong with getting your kids used to that fact now. Believe it or not, out here in the work-a-day world you can't shit on the annual report to show how disatsified you are with your merit raise, and you can't show up for work in a battered sweat shirt and torn up jeans if your company requires a different standard of dress.
Of course...you can continue to play the game you've turned debate into for these past many years and you'll continue to lose programs...Wasn't it Einstein (I know, dead, white male) who said the definition of insanity was to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? Scott's proposal are common-sense, simple changes that can easily be made...and as a result, this game might survive.

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This is an uncivil post. I refuse to reply to it as Im busy tying my tie. 
I dont mind ties. I rather like to wear them myself on ocassion. I wont, however, tell my students how to dress. They dont have to dress any certain way in class. They dont have to dress any certain way at debate meetings. And, it doesnt do them any service to dress any special way in debates. It's just another economic entry barrier for participation that I refuse to abide by. Fortunately, my boss and administrators recognize that this is non-sequiter to content. Any debater worth their salt should be able to explain that looking civil doesnt make someone civil or smart or really anything beyond well-dressed. Frankly, many people who wear ties are assholes. I'd expect somewhere around 50%. I bet they curse and express incivility at times as well. Lipstick on a pig sounds applicable. 
Respect and civility are codewords. I think, frankly, there may be a racial undertone here that Im not comfortable with. But, if there isnt, it's interesting how no one considered this to be that serious back in "the good ole days" when we were just cursing about disads and calling out our policy-making opponents based on their sexual orientation, weight, aesthetic appearance, or anything else. Now, callin someone a racist asshole, thats mean. This sounds awfully self-serving. Back in the day it was "boys being boys", but now it's not ok...why, exactly?
Profanity and jerkishness are fundamentally contestable in debate, by debaters, and they ought to be, from both sides. Does profanity help your cause of fighting racism? Maybe. It is emotional. It does get people's attention. But maybe it alienates and isolates. THIS IS DEBATABLE. For fuck's sake, we live in the 21st century and we really think that getting rid of naughty words is going to make debate better? Seriously? No. I dont. Personally I like dirty words. And, I will defend them. And that's that. 
No one is telling you how to run your team. Don't tell us how to run ours or pretend as if you've come up with a cookie-cutter solution to the ills of debate. You haven't. It's dumb. That's all. Here's my alt: tell your administrators that debate is great because it teaches people to defend themselves in all walks of life and it shows us that how you look or your eloquence in packaging your argument is exceeded by your content. Down with Sophistry, down with demogoguery, up with argument. It really is that simple. 
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