[eDebate] where is obama's birth certificate?

Old Strega oldstrega
Mon Oct 20 21:33:59 CDT 2008

it's not my argument.  it's a court case.    3 court cases.   

you're wrong to be a natural born citizen, obama's mother must have been 19 years of age when she gave birth to barack in kenya.   his mother was only 18.   that's the reason for the hawaiian birth certificate.   3 siblings claim he was born in kenya and his grandmother.   his sister claims he was born in one honolulu hospital while barak claims he was born in the other.     

you should review the law before kneejerking.

FACT -- OBAMA HAS YET TO PRODUCE IN COURT A REAL HAWAIIAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE TO COMPLETELY ASSURE THE AMERICAN PUBLIC THAT HE IS A NATURAL BORN US CITIZEN.     the fake was withdrawn from his website.   there are sufficient grounds for questioning his credibility.

the burden of proof in berg and the other two ballot inclusion cases is on barack.   he has failed to meet the burden of proof.  you don't know the legal criteria for natural born citizenship and are just flailing.

the move to censor on edebate goes well with the media blackout of the court cases and rings a strange bell with practices of the obama campaign with regards to internal dissent.   apparently, many anti-obama websites have been periodically shut down.
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> 1. Is this is the best anti-Obama argument you can produce?!
> 2. His mother was clearly a US citizen.
> 3. The location of his birth (Hawaii!) is not really the question. If his mother was a US citizen, Obama would be a US citizen even if he was born in Moscow.
> 4. Why is this on eDebate?
> 5. More importantly, what is your real motive? No one buys for one second that you're just a concerned patriot...
> And I'll sign my name. Bet you won't.
> BTW, why do you think MCCain/Palin both refuse to release their medical records?
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