[eDebate] Reaction to Advocates of 7 Rounds

Josh jbhdb8
Wed Oct 22 18:57:17 CDT 2008

I think for the most part very few people go to Wake that leave the night of
outrounds....most people either know they wont be in late elims and leave
early, stay anyway because of poker tournament and watching rounds, or are
in late elims.

Again, it seems to me a question of who you prefer rounds for.

I would agree no banquet over less rounds.....although you want no banquet
and less rounds.


On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 7:45 PM, Casey Harrigan <charrigan at gmail.com> wrote:

> 1. Seven rounds (with the current structure) may not be feasible:
> a) The main "time crunch" at tournaments occurs on elim day for a reason.
> Elim debates, with 3 judge panels, coin-flips, etc., take MUCH longer than
> prelim debates to complete. This is a big part of why Day 2 ends at 9pm, and
> Day 3 ends at 3am.
> b) On an 8-round schedule with a banquet (like Wake last year), the banquet
> still finishes very late. Four debates + awards is a full day.
> c) Switching one prelim for an elim, while keeping all else constant, will
> push things even later. Some Sundays/"day twos" do not finish until 9:30 or
> 10pm as it is. With a banquet, and the added time of an elim - how late can
> we push this?
> 2. Suggestion - eliminate elaborate and extended awards banquets. Speaker
> awards + thanks can be reasonably given in 20 minutes. "Banquet time" at
> some tournaments burns hours.
> Yes, most people like banquets. The food is usually ok. Speakers can be
> insightful. Its a public way to honor some folks.
> But it is not necessary. If the choice presented was "end the banquet and
> use its time to hold a 7th debate" or "have 6 prelims and a buffet", which
> would chose?
> Awards are good - but they could be given in a WAY more efficient manner.
> 3. Side note about "humaneness" -
> Ross' original sentiment was right. The debate community has proven that it
> cannot run a tournament with 8 prelim debates that clears to doubles, while
> also providing enough time for preparation, post-round discussion, meals,
> and awards, in a humane fashion. As currently structured, elim day is far
> too long. Many coaches/debaters wake up as early as 6am on Monday, and the
> final round is sometimes not completed until 3am or later. A 23 hour + day
> is not humane, enjoyable, or safe. Tournament structure must be changed,
> even if it reduces competition.
> Casey Harrigan
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