[eDebate] some comments re tournament rounds structure

Aaron Kall mardigras23
Thu Oct 23 01:41:33 CDT 2008

aside from a few outliers, it seems the majority of people think 5 elims on monday is too many.  many people also think six prelims aren't enough.  7 prelims and breaking to doubles is the best compromise i've seen thus far.  i don't think the unequal side problem is a big deal at all.  While I don't know the Aff./Neg. win-loss percentage on this or any recent topic, it seems about equal or close enough to it.  kritiks and multiple negative CPs have negated many of the Aff. advantages like infinite prep and speaking first/last.  Also, any ADV./DA will likely even out over the course of the year.  Just have the computer decide the sides in round 7 so we don't have to waste time flipping coins.  doubles on Sunday and four elims on Monday.  

i could take or leave banquets.  if there aren't easily accessible food options, maybe a banquet makes sense.  if there are, it's probably a waste of money from a host and participant perspective.  we are often too tired to enjoy banquets and it's often difficult to hear what's happening.  i liked the year that Harvard just put out a list of the Top Speakers.  it seems most people would prioritize one extra debate over banquets.  i think friday night, time between rounds, waiting for decision time, sunday night, and potentially monday night leaves plenty of time for socializing.

so for me, the best compromise and most humane scenario would involve 4 presets on saturday (that were done based on careful pre-tournament rankings), 5/6 lag-powered, round 7 power-matched,  doubles on sunday, and octas-finals on monday.  i think saturdays at the Clay and Northwestern are two of the best days of debate because of the 4 presets- i wish more tournaments would preset the first four rounds.  careful rankings/pods based on previous tournament results are probably just as fair as speaker points and other pull-ups/downs that would ensue if rounds 3 and 4 were power-matched or lag-powered.  presets and the release of pairings on friday night allows prep work that night, which saves prep and time on saturday.  we are usually done by 8 p.m. on these nights.  

experimentation is good- it would be good if a major tournament like Northwestern could try the above or a similiar 7 round scenario so we could compare it to the status quo and Wake's 6 round format.


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