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Stefan Bauschard stefan.bauschard
Thu Oct 23 09:17:38 CDT 2008

I'd prefer to sleep some before I died.  I appreciate sleep more now as I've
gotten older.

I just don't know if the plan solves the problem (and it has some DAs).

Last year, I went back to the Sheraton after day one of the Harvard
tournament between 9 & 10 pm.  People were camped out all over the lobby
preparing for the next day.  I was up late in the restraunt/bar area that
night waiting for Rich to send me a patch for the TRPC to deal with 9
category judge placement (this was the first time the TRPC was used for 9
category judge placement in a regular tournament).

By the time I had the patch and had it downloaded and installed it was close
to 1am. I went back through the lobby to head up to my room and there were
almost as many people there as there were at 10pm -- most seemed to be
researching and talking about arguments for the next day.  I imagine a
similar # of people were camped out in their rooms doing the same.  I'm sure
some others were sleeping and that some others were socializing.

If you try to use a hotel internet network on Friday or Saturday night at
any tournament (even past 1am), you will note a similar problem -- well over
100 people online and slowing down the network.  A substantial number of
people value preparation over sleep, even if they get out of the tournament
plenty early on any number of days.

This seems to be the root of the problem -- not late night Mondays.  And
with so much on the line now for rounds 5 & 6, an elim now on Sunday, (and
no advanced pairing that can be used to prioritize preparation -- as there
is for some or all of Saturday's debates and elims), it seems to me that
there will be more pressure to push even hard/stay up even later on Saturday
night.  With 16 fewer teams and 24 fewer judges obligated for Monday, more
will get to sleep in on Monday.  That is beneficial (though it trades-off
with the goal of having more people watch debates).

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> Is this for real? Walk it off, you can sleep when your dead.
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