[eDebate] JP and Sleeping

Paul Johnson paulj567
Thu Oct 23 09:45:14 CDT 2008

> b) Getting done earlier on Sunday does not = more rest. 
> You can get done at 7PM sunday night or 1030PM sunday night,
> directors/coaches of teams that have cleared are staying up
> the same amount.  If they go to the bar they go to the bar
> as soon as they get back.  If they prefer to cut evidence
> they'll do it all night.  I have seen few directors that
> say "i'm just gonna work an hour and be done with
> it."  Bottom line is the people you are trying to save
> rest for with a more humane schedule (directors of the teams
> late into monday) are staying up until the wee hours.  Do
> you really think everyone goes to bed earlier if we get out
> earlier on sunday night?  Would JP go to bed at 9PM on
> sunday with your teams debating the next day, just because
> he got let out of the tournament early.

Lets be clear about this-regardless JP would be asleep. Then you would go into his room to print. While in there printing, you would realize that JP had turned the heat up, so that it was blazingly hot. You, having to print a lot of stuff, would go move the thermostat down. Somehow, JP would immediately sense this, sleeptalk to you and tell you to move it back, and then immediately fall back asleep while you roasted like a turkey on a spit. Any moves towards the thermostat would immediately pseudo-wake up JP again.

These are the facts. They are indisputable.



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