[eDebate] Tournaments - another proposal

Josh jbhdb8
Thu Oct 23 16:13:35 CDT 2008

First of all we ran the Obama 100 days/honeymoon da already at UK (in
response to the plan doesnt pass in the current session).

Second, banning arguments is pretty close to the worst thing we can do as
educators ever.  If you look through the 1000s of posts I have written
about, for instance, the performance arguments - I have never once said ban
any arguments...Its the opposite of what we are about and stand for.

Third, all case and DA construction is equally silly at the impact
level...if you can PROVE its silly you win....we go for impact D and smart
take outs to absurd internal links and impacts all the time.

Fourth, link and internal link work on politics is good....I dont really
want to spend a ton of time explaining why...but yes, a percentage of
coaches hate on politics when politics work is often better and more logical
than affirmative advantage work...what you are really decrying is the
absurdity of the impact environment.

Anyway, thats my take,


On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 5:06 PM, <scottelliott at grandecom.net> wrote:

> Another proposal: Let's ban politics disads and elections disads from
> rounds.
> That way we can all get some sleep.
> I suspect 99% of the staying up until 5:00 a.m. cutting cards has to do
> with
> having to answer back these absurd positions. Let's face it, the topic
> proper
> has been researched out by mid-october. Now all the stress is on elections
> disads and answers. Starting November 4th, YOU (a collective You, because I
> don't waste time on them) will all have to rush to jam together a new
>  "lame
> duck/legacy" disad. This requires that WE have to stay up until 4:00
> cutting
> stupid blippy cards to answer back a bunch of other stupid blippy cards.
> Come
> January 19th, YOU will, AGAIN!, have to cut a bunch of new "Obama's first
> 100
> days agenda" disad. To which, WE will have to stay up until 4:00 a.m on
> Saturday night/Sunday morning, cutting more stupid answers to stupid
> "Sheboegon
> Daily Herald in '09" cards.  We could all have a much more relaxed time if
> we
> discussed the mertis of the topic rather than having to update the politcs
> disads du jour.
> Scott
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