[eDebate] Scott Elliot's Proposal About the Topic

Aaron Kall mardigras23
Thu Oct 23 16:45:18 CDT 2008

the topic is politics.  the reason subsidies exist is politics.  doesn't seem like a good idea to ban the topic (maybe to some it is).aaronDate: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 16:39:33 -0500From: christopher.scott.thomas at gmail.comTo: eDebate at www.ndtceda.comSubject: [eDebate] Scott Elliot's Proposal About the Topic"We could all have a much more relaxed time if wediscussed the mertis of the topic rather than having to update the politics disads du jour."
the UTSA squad would greatly appreciate it if the community could please start talking about the topic more....come on, it is getting ridiculous. 

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