[eDebate] is edebate still needed?

Old Strega oldstrega
Sat Oct 25 10:28:23 CDT 2008

in my opinion, obviously yes, especially if the CEDA site is not committed to free speech in the vein of kerpen.

the free speech component of kerpen's site made possible the rove petition read by kucinich on the floor of the house that was hatched on this website by the discussions like the one i recently introduced.

in the lead up to the iraq war when i kept argument and information running into this site against the poor case of the bush administration, i had 3 different email accounts shut down possibly by partisans of the bush administration who were trying to silence dissent.       jackattack7 at hotmail.com, schizoliberation at hotmail.com and i can't remember the third.   even had a little visit from the FBI.    kerpen allowed me to register a new email address each time.   i'm not sure the CEDA site would maintain kerpen's commitment to free speech which is a fundamental idea of debate despite the professional debate enclaves that still believe in censorship.  in the electronic age this site meets a rare but critical function and i'm not sure the debate community realizes how important electronic free speech is.

given my research of the internet and an obama trend towards similar electronic erasure of dissent experienced by foes like larry sinclair, kerpen's site will be invaluable to counter "the liberal version of the orwellian nightmare".        

i'm most often negative and elusive but i must thank kerpen for doing what not many people would do especially given that i know for a fact that he has received legal threats and a lot of flack for allowing my controversial style a space to be enacted.    edebate is a free speech cover that makes silencing me when i'm ready to rant difficult for the powers that be whether they are republican or democrat.    not to mention, kerpen's edebate idea has been plain genius and has transformed the debate community in so many ways over the years.  

after i get started in posting out of respect for those who do not want too many politically minded emails in their boxes, i try to reduce the flow so that kerpen's free speech list serv can still be viable for those who want to just get the tournament information.   ALTHOUGH, PLEASE, REMEMBER A GREAT FUNCTION OF THE EMAIL SYSTEM IS THAT YOU CAN BLOCK MY EMAIL ADDRESS OR ANYONEELSE ARGUING THESE THREADS or YOU CAN BLOCK EDEBATE AND SCAN THE ARCHIVES.

is it possible that kerpen's server load could be reduced by more donations to purchase more server space?

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