[eDebate] throw grandma under the bus?

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Sat Oct 25 12:16:48 CDT 2008

why should voters care that obama was listed by his father as a muslim at a
school he attended in indonesia?

why should they even care that obama may have been born in kenya before
immediately emigrating to hawaii?

do either of these make him less qualified in any practical sense to serve as

aren't we right to suspect this as yet another distraction from the abysmal
state of the economy?

very soon, we're likely to see thousands of good ballots thrown out due to
discrepancies: a mismatched record, a missing driver's license, and so on.
will we now start throwing out good candidates on such grounds as well?

in any case, i didn't peg you as someone who'd try to win on a technicality,

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