[eDebate] tuna wrong on free speech

Sat Oct 25 13:44:52 CDT 2008

Though it pains me to agree with Jack, he is sometimes partially right. I  
don't like admitting that. And historical revisionism is one of those things  
that still disturbs me even more.
Tuna only told a very small part of the larger story. It's a story that  goes 
back much further than just his decision to suddenly turn CEDA-L off.
I believe he chose to turn CEDA-L off once he realized the impossibility  of 
banning a specific individual from a listserve. My current email address  was 
banned after he felt I was saying things about him that he thought he might  
get in trouble for. (I believe Jack was also banned for excessive personal  
attacks) The funny thing was that he had told me multiple times that was  OK. He 
even pointed out that the more I attacked him, the more tolerant it made  him 
look, since he employed me as an instructor at his institute. But he  couldn't 
keep me off the list (anybody remember DAVEANT420?) and when the  conflict 
accelerated to the point of physicality, Tuna - supposedly under  the direction 
of his administration - suddenly turned CEDA-L off. Kerpen saved  the day by 
importing the membership list of CEDA-L into  eDebate. 
I'm not offering these details as a critique of Tuna. I think he is one of  
the most impressive people I've ever known. His willingness to  change his 
early 90's perspectives and animosity against NDT and even  policy debate, in 
general, have helped to bring about a great  "paradigm-shift" in intercollegiate 
debate. I truly wish I could've avoided  the years of animosity. And, I've even 
forgiven Massey for assaulting me.  Provocation is a dangerous game. I've 
also got to the point where I find Tuna's  constant self-PR to be entertaining. 
It's amazing what you can grow to miss. 
But, eDebate was started to allow an open access for everyone  to debate. As 
I left debate, I cherished having eDebate so that I could  still glimpse at 
the wonderful dynamic of the community from afar. And, yes,  it's a chaotic 
dynamic. One that many have suddenly realized may be not be  properly understood 
by outside observers. I predict that open access to the  "debate dialogue" will 
shortly cease to be. The recent price of that openness  was clearly greater 
than anyone could ever imagine it would turn out to be. So,  I can even 
understand, though I know I will miss it.
Over the years, life has conspired against me to force me to change a lot  
things about myself that I didn't want to change. I guess it's time I move on  
beyond this one. And, if revisiting this community just brings me back to  
fighting with Jack and Tuna, I guess I need to move on! I will, however, hope  
that eDebate stays afloat a little while longer. I plan on sending another  
contribution to Kerpen as thanks for the portal to the past.
Back to realclearpolitics.com, my portal to the present,
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