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I strongly encourage Novice debate, but have a few questions...Who was involved in this decision?  How exactly did this decision come about?  Were CEDA reps consulted?  Was there discussion of polling the general debate community?  I understand the issue might have been discussed, but this is the first I have heard on the issue.  

Darren Elliott <delliott at kckcc.edu> wrote: Greetings friends!

I am pleased to announce a new addition to CEDA Nationals beginning 2009, and something I hope will continue beyond my year as President.  

It strikes me as odd that part of our mission and purpose is to cultivate new debate programs, new debaters, and encourage and support Novice debate, yet as an organization we do not officially recognize Novice competition in its own right at the National Tournament.  Many programs bring Novices to CEDA Nationals.  For some programs, year to year, Novices may be the majority of their program.  It seems like CEDA should make it a point to celebrate and reward Novice Debate by crowning a Champion among Novices at the CEDA National Tournament.

It is with that in mind that CEDA Nationals 2009 will, for the first time, offer a Novice breakout bracket, culminating in the crowning of a CEDA recognized Champion among Novice Debate Teams.  Once preliminary rounds are concluded, a separate bracket will be created among Novice eligible teams.  Both debaters must be eligible based on CEDA's definition of Novice.  I will work with Tab Room Director Gary Larson to determine the appropriate number of teams (hopefully at least Quarters) and when the best time to begin these rounds based on room availability and judges.

I have engaged this conversation during tournaments throughout the country.  Some Directors wanted a separate Novice division.  Others liked the idea of a breakout bracket.  No one I have talked to was in opposition of having some sort of Novice elim rounds.  For a few programs they indicated it would be the only way they could justify coming to CEDA in years when they only had Novices.  It seems important to me to recognize and reward those Novices who come to the National Tournament.  This, in my opinion, is long overdue.

Looking forward to Pocatello!

Darren Elliott
Director of Debate and Forensics--KCKCC
CEDA President
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