[eDebate] berg decision was faxed to judge --- by whom?

Nicholas A. Thomas pinkballoon
Sun Oct 26 09:13:05 CDT 2008

Or... maybe it was a law clerk working for the judge.  Occam's razor and all 
that.  Just sayin'.

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> As I suspected, the fix was in all along. Obama can't legally be 
> puppident, so the judge was given "his decision" to sign (or else)
> The original faxed decision from the Clerk of the US District Court for 
> the Eastern District of PA to attorney Philip J Berg appears to have been 
> faxed to Judge Surrick for him to sign.
> But if this is the case, the questions becomes who wrote the decision and 
> faxed it for the Judges signature?
> The attached file of the original fax shows another fax header on the 
> bottom of the page with the number missing (look at the lower left corner 
> of the page and then the lower right corner with the page number).
> The ruling issued by Judge Surrick (?) was actually faxed to the Judge by 
> someone (?) at 4:55 pm and the question is who? Did the Obama Attorney's 
> or Surricks old Law Clerk, Christopher Seaman, (who just happens to be 
> employed by Sidley-Austin, the former employer of Barack & Michelle Obama, 
> et al.) write the ruling dismissing the Berg suit?
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