[eDebate] tuna wrong on free speech

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Sun Oct 26 17:26:44 CDT 2008

If a list is moderated by the same organization hosting it, I think the host can lose "common carrier status", which insulates them against some responsibility for the content of posts. This is why many ISPs will not shut down offensive (or "offensive") websites unless the sites are also engaged in illegal activity.

BTW, I can't find any of Bear's posts to edebate in the official archive from the period around 2000. There are a few responses that quote him, but most of his posts aren't there:


this one only goes back a little while:


gmane only goes back a little while, too:


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> Though it pains me to agree with Jack, he is sometimes partially right. I don't like admitting that. And historical revisionism is one of those things that still disturbs me even more.
> Tuna only told a very small part of the larger story. It's a story that goes back much further than just his decision to suddenly turn CEDA-L off.
> I believe he chose to turn CEDA-L off once he realized the impossibility of banning a specific individual from a listserve.
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